Summer 2022 Camps
Family Camp
July 1-10, Chambers Camp, Beaver Dams, NY
Family Camp
July 24-31, Central Pennsylvania Wesleyan Campground
Speakers: Dr. Mark Wilson (1st half) and Dr. Anita Eastlack (2nd half)
Contact: Lisa Jo Smith
Phone: 570-538-2790
There will be classes and activities for children and youth
Kid’s Camp North – (Director, Rev. Art Evens)
July 26-30, Chambers Camp, Beaver Dams, NY 
Kid’s Camp South – (Director, Mrs. Tina Gibson)
June 8-11, Camp Harmony, Hooversville, PA
Kids Camp South Registration (download and print)
Kids Camp South Health Form
Camp Harmony Waiver Release
Senior Counsel Application
Adult Clearance Affidavit
LITES application
2022 Camp Letter
Teen Camp North
Date and location: July 18-23, Chambers Camp, Beaver Dams, NY
Teen Camp South
Date and location: July 11-15, Camp Harmony, Hooversville, PA
Discipleship Retreat
Date and location: July 31-August 3, Chambers Camp, Beaver Dams, NY