Penn York Youth


In 2019, the Central New York District and the Western Pennsylvania District united to form the new Penn York District of The Wesleyan Church.  Since that time, Penn York’s ministries have been working to unite leadership and resources to create a new team of ministry leaders that desire to build and equip local churches.  

Since that merger, the Youth Ministry of the Penn York District has been meeting to discuss summer camps and dreaming about other events that would fulfill the mission of the church.  It was unfortunate that the 2020 Teen camp was disrupted by COVID.  We all have felt the pain and frustration this pandemic has caused.  Our team has been working hard to create a new, single, united Teen camp, but unfortunately it will not happen in 2021.  We are hoping and planning that 2022 may offer that exciting opportunity.  As for camps in 2021, we would like to update you with the details we have currently so that local churches can begin planning for these events. 


Penn York 2021 Summer Camp Promotional Video



TEEN CAMP Retreat – There will be two three-day, in-person, Teen Camps in 2021.  This is unlike the week-long camps that have been offered in the past.  Our team of youth leaders decided that this would be best due to current/future health concerns and unforeseen governmental variables that may arise by the summer of 2021. 

  • Teen Camp Retreat – is for students entering 7th grade and finishing 12th grade.  This camp focuses on helping students find fellowship with other students their age as well as engage in a relevant worship and teaching experience.  There will be opportunities to participate in fun games and challenges during their stay.  


DCAMP (Discipleship Retreat) will be in-person again this year as well.  

  • DCamp is for students who are entering 7th grade and finishing 12th grade.  The focus of this retreat is spiritual formation.  Each year the students attend the retreat, they build on the past years’ learning and move ahead to different discipleship tracts.  DCamp is for every student but those who are serious about their faith will benefit the most from this experience. 




  • July 11th – 14th – Teen Camp South will be held at Camp Harmony in Hooversville, PA.
  • July 21st – 24th – Teen Camp North will be held at Chambers Campground in Beavers Dam, NY.
  • Aug 1st – 4th – DCamp (Discipleship Retreat) will be held at Chambers Campground in Beaver Dams, NY.