Penn York Youth
Youth Ministry Exchange Participation Party


Penn York District pastors, youth pastors and youth ministry leaders,

You are invited to:

What – Youth Ministry Exchange Participation Party

When – Oct. 22-23, 2020

Where – Victory Highway Wesleyan Church

Cost – $99-$150 (plus meals/snacks and lodging [if you want to stay closer to the church])

Why – Youth ministry is changing and this provides a way to discuss and learn how to better minister to students (aren’t you tired of being by yourself in a room staring at a screen?)

Event Description:

Youth Specialties has teamed up with Orange, Download Youth Ministry, and the Fuller Youth Institute to present an online youth ministry convention entitled Youth Ministry Exchange. This is an opportunity to learn from national youth ministry thought leaders such as Josh Griffin, Doug Fields, Kara Powell, Trey McKnight, Heather Flies, Virginia Ward, and many others. In addition to the main sessions and breakout sessions, there will be roundtable discussion where we can brainstorm with other youth leaders from around the country about where youth ministry is and where it is heading.  Please check out the website for the times and structure of the two-day event. 

Your Invitation:

While it would be great just to see your faces in tiny boxes on a screen, the PennYork District Youth Ministry would like to propose we try to gather together at Victory Highway Wesleyan Church to participate in this event together. Having a group to interact with during and immediately following a workshop can help shape the information into a workable tool instead of getting filed away never to be seen again. We can all be in one room, project the main session on a screen to be viewed together, then use our laptops to engage in the breakout sessions and round tables. This gives the added benefit that we can discuss the various workshops together while the information is still fresh.

Since this is a two-day event, the invitation extends to further hang out after the event, grab dinner and get to know each other or catch up before heading to bed (see Overnight Accommodations below).

The cost for an individual to participate is $150. However, if we have 4-7 participate that will pay together the price drops to $125/person. If 8+ pay together, the price is $99/person.


Are You Interested in Joining Us?

Do not register for the event yet!  Contact Pastor Craig Lamos ( by Tuesday, Oct. 20th and he will add you to the group list for us to get the discount that is available.  You will need to pay us at the event.  Bring your check or cash to the event and we will send the payments to the district treasurer for deposit.  Checks will need to be made payable to “PennYork District of the Wesleyan Church” and must have “YM Exchange” in the memo portion of the check.  Please contact Pastor Craig or Pastor Monty ( regarding how to make payment concerning the actual amount per person. 

Overnight Accommodations:

If your drive is too far to go home, there are several hotels close to the church.  Please let us know if you are attending the event and need a hotel ASAP.  If we have enough people needing a hotel, we may be eligible for a discount there also. 


On behalf of the PennYork District Youth Ministry,

Grace and Peace,


Rev. Craig Lamos

Family Ministries Pastor

Pulaski Wesleyan Church


Pastor Monty Ader

Youth and Worship Pastor

Avon Wesleyan Church